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Lies, damn lies, and the absolute God-given truth

I am a more important member of Team LXF than Nick. This is an undoubtable, proven fact, because Google Fight says so, and Google Fight doesn't lie.

Paul Hudson is more important than Nick Veitch

Statistics are fun. Did you know, for example, that almost half of all British people are of below average intelligence? The average IQ around here would be somewhere around 70 if it weren't for Team LXF acting as a counterweight.

I collect a few statistics myself, just out of curiosity. For example, a while back I put up a PHP exam based upon the Zend Certified exam. It's pretty hard: you need a good knowledge of the common PHP functions, as well as a firm grasp of PHP's data types. The average score on the exam is 25/40, which might sound high, but looking over all the scores nearly all the high-scoring people started off with just over 14/40 (ie, the score you get if you just hit "Submit" with the default answers). They then try again and get 16, then 17, then 19, etc, basically using trial and error to get a decent score. While I applaud them for their persistence, they'd be much better off spending their time reading my free online PHP book rather than just guessing!

Test your PHP skills with the online exam - and wish you could score this high!

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