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Readers of LXF 106 may have already turned to page 60 and seen our special feature, "The Linux Pub Quiz". Now, generally we're quite a light-hearted magazine, but it's rare we do something like this. That said, I think you'll enjoy it - the questions are very varied (and some are really hard!), and it really works to give a good overall feel of just how wide the Linux world is. So: if you've attempted the Linux quiz and scored over 80 without using Google or any other such information resource (no mean feat, trust us!) drop me an email at - we'll print a list of the highest scorers in the next available issue. If lots of people get the same score, then it's the people that email first who will make the cut. Yes, we're trusting you to be honest, and unless you want your email address printed in the magazine you should tell me your name!

Note: if you scored 80 or under, I'm afraid the most recognition you'll get is to post whinging comments to this blog post ;)

Your comments

I scored 675, does this mean

I scored 675, does this mean I just can't add up?


Bah. 80? I found it to be

Bah. 80? I found it to be really difficult and I don't think I scored anywhere near that. However, it was a *very* enjoyable way to pass the time and I now expect to see a new quiz each issue! Please.

There's a quiz ooh, 1010000

There's a quiz ooh, 1010000 no way man :roll:
111000 was the best I could do

Huw: I'm glad you liked the

Huw: I'm glad you liked the quiz, but I'm afraid it's very unlikely something we'll run regularly. Unless perhaps if we revived the old back page / Cynux area?

revive the old back page /

revive the old back page / Cynux area, what a great idea :D

Yeah, revive the old back

Yeah, revive the old back page, Cynux and all! 'Twould suit me fine. :)

Originally known as “The

Originally known as “The Random Pub Generator” the website was developed to solve the age-old problem of deciding where to go out for a drink in the evening, how to invite everyone and how to know who is coming and who isn’t.

Basically you set up a shortlist of favourite pubs (or clubs, restaurants etc), add a list of friend’s email address and choose a date and time. Invitations are sent out with a link so everyone can RSVP easily and see who else is going. The neatest thing is that the venue is selected at random, at the time the invitations are sent out, from the list given. The date can be recurring so you can have it go off automatically every week, choosing a different pub each time.

The RSVP page is great as everyone can leave messages for each other to arrange where to meet, explain why they’ll be late, or worse of all, why they’re not coming!

Huw, Towy: It's almost like

Huw, Towy: It's almost like the two of you were just waiting for an opportunity to pounce on the Cynux front ;) If you think your score is half-way decent - even if it doesn't beat 80 - drop me an email anyway, and you might just make the cut.

I gave my score in binary

I gave my score in binary :roll:

I only got 53 but then

I only got 53 but then surely true geeks would get a low score. I only knew the answers to the techy questions, the questions based on the social elements of Linux (you know things like people, where and when etc) I was totally lost :-)

34/90 (or 89, but I awarded

34/90 (or 89, but I awarded myself a point for noticing!) or 38%. Considering I've only been using Linux as a sole OS for 3 months (in a dual-boot for 3 months before that), I'm darned proud of that!

I had all the software questions sussed, but the command line and recognising faces lost me plenty of points!!!

Remember, folks: it's not

Remember, folks: it's not the winning that matters - it's the taking part.* So if you tried your best and didn't beat 80, that's OK. I may even print some of the comments from here in the magazine ;)

* This is a lie. It's all about the winning.

I can't say I'm proud of

I can't say I'm proud of myself (for achieving a score barely passes the 40 mark), but I must say I had fun! Though I missed out on some really easy points that I know, but can't remember on top of my head, like, I kept thinking the first edition of Ubuntu was Harty Hog (yeah I know it's stupid...), and NASA helped developed SELinux...

There are some easy answers throughout the mag though, like the number of toes Tux has (it's printed one of the ads), and biggest give-away was the distro eee pc uses...

Anyway, give up the good work! :)

64! I don't think it's bad

64! I don't think it's bad score. This is one for the collegues tomorrow. :-)

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