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How long did it take to fly to San Francisco from the UK? Around the same length of time it took to play six showings of the Iron Man movie, one after the other. Everyone else in the cabin seemed to be asleep, and I was left alone and awake in the dark watching the flicker from a dozen different screens silently playing Iron Man. I never want to see Robert Downey Jr's stupid beard ever again.

But it was worth the effort. San Francisco is a wonderful place, and we've had a couple of days to acclimatise to the size of the food portions and the strength of the beer. There seems to be a local tradition for brewing IPA, all of which is over 6%. Combine a pint or two of that with some jet-lag, and I lose the ability to string a sentence together - I know, what ability...

Anyway, we're here for Linux World, which starts tomorrow. As we arrived on Saturday, we were able to do the tourist thing yesterday, walking from our hotel, through Union Square and across China Town before climbing the hill up to the Coit Tower monument (thanks Mike!). This gave us some exceptional views out over the bay and back towards the city. From there we headed down to Pier 39 before getting the cable car back up and over Nob Hill. The whole place has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and feels quite unlike most US cities I've been to.

If you're headed over this way for Linux World tomorrow, look out for us and say 'Hi'. I'll try to post an update on any cool stuff we discover. IPA permitting.

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I like San Fran. I have

I like San Fran. I have been there a couple of times for past work. It is a nice city, especially for a US one. My wife (future wife at that time) flew out to meet me there for a few days and we did the tourist thing.

This has to be the first time I have EVER heard anyone mention how strong US beer is! Us Canadians usually say it is like sex in a canoe - f&*%ing near water. However, most US beer is not anywhere near 6%.

I would love to go to LW at least once in SF.

Boy, oh, boy... The only

Boy, oh, boy...
The only beer I can drink here in the U.S. is Guiness (or "Guinness" - I never really paid attention). The rest - ugh!
Sex in a canoe - or on the beach. Exactly so!

Actually Samuel Adams is

Actually Samuel Adams is pretty decent beer in the US. Guinness of course is good anywhere :) I tend to drink Kilkenny most often myself.

Hi, Donoreo! Kilkenny...

Hi, Donoreo!
Kilkenny... Gotta try that one, if I can find it. I'm thirsty for options! :-)

Well I live here in SF and

Well I live here in SF and the best beer in town is definitely Racer 5 which is an IPA. I promise that after drinking one you will think differently about American Beer.

perhaps there ought to be a

perhaps there ought to be a BeerWorld show running concurrently with LinuxWorld next year...

evilnick Says: perhaps there

evilnick Says:
perhaps there ought to be a BeerWorld show running concurrently with LinuxWorld next year…

All things open sauce :P

Well, a friend brought some

Well, a friend brought some "Bock" back from a Micro-brewery in San Antonio, it was excellent.

There probably is a

There probably is a BeerWorld expo :) Bock are great beers. I get some ever fall from a small brewer here in Ontario, Creemore Springs.

BeerWorld? Love it! They

BeerWorld? Love it! They could use the line "Free as in Linux!" :D

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