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Long time no goo…

Yesterday was my birthday and, as a pressie, my lovely wife got me a batch of Wii points. Just enough, it turned out, to bag a pristine copy of the Master System classic Fantasy Zone and the incredible World of Goo which, if you haven't seen it, is a masterful physics based puzzle game. Amazingly, my purchase has coincided with the release of the game on Linux. In an interview here, the developers said that they made the Linux edition of the game on principle and that, based on their server logs, only five percent of visitors were running the OS.

"Do Linux users play a lot of games? Maybe it's just a chicken and egg problem where Linux users would play more games if more people made their games available for Linux?"

With the release of the game, sans any form of DRM, on Windows and Mac, some pundits have suggested that almost 85 per cent of people playing the game have not paid for it, so this would appear to be a great opportunity for Linux users to vote with their wallets and show a - admittedly small - developer that the Linux community do want games and are willing to pay for quality.

The game is available now for Linux, Windows and OS-X for $20 and on Wii for 1,500 Wii Points.

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Well, about the same

Well, about the same percentage as a protected game then :)

Excellent game, I bought it for my grandson. (honest)

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