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Just as I return home from a sabbatical, my laptop decided to die on me. Now, my laptop is my primary source of entertainment (programming), so I had to find a replacement quickly and - thanks to the sabbatical being unpaid - relatively cheaply. My main requirements were heaps of RAM (I make extensive use of virtual machines), two cores, a big screen (my laptop rarely leaves the house), and enough hard drive space to store vast amounts of code and its associated media.

Fortunately I stumbled across NDC, which is a reseller of refurbished Dell hardware. Now, I was a little sceptical - did "refurbished" mean "tattered and knackered"? Still, stinginess overcame scepticism, because for under £500 I picked up a 17-inch WUXGA+ laptop with a Core 2 Duo chip, 4GB RAM, 250GB of hard drive space, an Nvidia card and a DVD-RW. And when it arrived just a couple of days after I placed my order, it was in absolute pristine condition: not so much as a single scratch anywhere, no dead pixels, and all lovingly wrapped in protective packaging.

It's not often I recommend things, and I certainly can't speak for other companies selling refurbished kit, but I can highly recommend NDC - the prices are low, the kit is in excellent condition, and there's a huge range of hardware to choose from.

And now, back to programming...

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Have you seen this article @

Have you seen this article @ this guy just a got a new Asus Eee PC and had some fun :)

You can also get refurbished

You can also get refurbished machines direct from Dell, using their 'outlet' website. The deals tend to vary in their value for money. They also tend to go quite quickly, but if you see something you like, note down the model/spec number and wait for a similar model to come up again. I few years a go my brother got a WUXGA 15in model (1920x1200 on 15in requires good eyesight).

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