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LXF127: awesome to the max

Subscribers will be receiving LXF127 right now, and you'll notice a) we provided a double-sided DVD with Ubuntu LXF remix, OpenSUSE 11.2 and Mandriva 2010 for you to enjoy, plus b) it should come with a free wallchart: helpful commands on one side, and a super-size reproduction of the LXF120 cover on the other (NB: you can download a variety of cover art as desktop wallpapers from our collection of free Linux wallpapers)

It's Christmas, so we hope you enjoy the little extra - do let us know if we're wasting our time popping extras into an issue, or whether it's the kind of thing you'd like to see more of!

(PS: the issue goes on general sale tomorrow morning, and, yes, all newsstand copies also come with the wallchart + 8GB DVD, but we expect them to disappear pretty quickly!)

Your comments


It would be nice if you did in fact deliver the magazine. my subscription has not yet arrived.

More Extras Please!

I love the poster in the latest issue. I've got it up on the wall next to me.

I am all for more extras, this was a nice surprise. Although, I am expecting a few comments saying that this is more Ubuntu, and where is the Gentoo poster LOL.

Wallpapers, mmmm yummy

Didn't know you'd put those magazine covers into wall papers. Very nice. Shame my dual monitor setup won't take advantage of them much.

Cool all the same though.

.\o/ - Yippeee
. |
./ \

A huge thanks!

I think it's awesome. Just a shame it's too big to put next to me at work.

Actually, I could unscrew the fire-extinguisher and put it in the drawer...Hmmmm.

More "cheat sheet" type wall charts.

I'd appreciate a more generic one of how the file system works, common and useful commands -- one completely dedicated to that.

Thanks, it is a nice addition though.


An excited first-timer pops the disk into his drive.... selects Ubuntu Live.... oh the suspense during loading.... then a monitor popup "Out of Range"....!

So this is linux..... oh well back to XP.

Re: disappointed

Try using the Safe Mode option when booting.

Gentoo Linux user :)

No your not wasting your time sending extras, I for one would like to see more of this :)


Ah yes, a double-sided DVD, which rather puts paid to the "turn the disc around so it doesn't get damaged by the cardboard sleeve" idea. ;-)

Now, if you just adopted my idea of putting the fold-over on the outside of the sleeve you wouldn't even need to worry which way around the disc was in the sleeve and double-sided discs would remain pristine both ways around. :-D

@Richard Freeman

Richard: I've put your disc in the post, and removed your message. It's not a good idea to put your subscription number, address and telephone number on a public forum -- anyone could potentially tamper with your subscription! But anyway, we hope you continue to enjoy Linux Format.

Disc Editor

w00t! Extras++

I haven't even seen the mag yet, I was just struck by the sheer awesomeness of the double-sided DVD. Plus it looks like the poster will command sufficent awe to justify the infamous brown logo. :o)

Of course, you just had to include the full Mandriva 2010 right when I was getting ready to finally ditch Mandy for Deb, didn't you?

YOU LISTENED... Woohoo...

Hi LXF goons...

Looks like you listened to my suggestion on one of the LXF forums
in September? about the pull-out leaflets... Cool...

Many thanks... :)

@ disappointed: Ubuntu !=

@ disappointed:

Ubuntu != Linux.

Issue 127?

I only just received 126 in the mail :-(

I LOVE the wall poster!

I LOVE the wall poster! Perfect for newbies like me who can't remember squat. Please send us more - like how to get my two linux computers talking to each other, in one easy lesson.

Nice one!

Yep, the poster is cool. The double disk is good: I like trying the different distros.

Having said that, the latest distros are not so good, I've found. The Ubuntu disk freezes when applications are started; I tried installing Mandriva which usually works well on my middle-aged laptop - sluggish this time (and I can't be bothered to work out why it isn't right - done that too many times with different distros over the years); but OpenSuse looks nice. And I appreciate being able to try them.

How about a double-sided disk of neglected distro versions: Fedora KDE, Mandriva and PCLinuxOS Gnome, Zenwalk Gnome, Mint KDE, etc? Some are unexpected treats, e.g. the PCLOS Gnome

Loving The Freebies

It's always nice to find an unexpected pullout, although a more distro agnostic poster would have been appreciated. How about an LXF calendar or wallpaper. And while I'm at it, how about a list of useful commands on a poster or perhaps little keycards - a list of vi commands would be immensely useful!

loextras ARE GOOD

I love exxtras but how about a arch poster or something we give ubuntu so much love ARCH IS THE WAY FORWARD w00t for arch.

a Poster to frame! LXF 127

Very nice poster. Getting it framed! (The art dept is doing it!)

Great magazine. Generally good editing.

Thank you for the extras

No I don't think the extras are a waste of time - please keep them coming!!!! I cannot say enough good things about your magazines. I recently became a subscriber (shipping to Canada) and have been buying since days of past when Fedora was known as the Fedora Core (I still have my Fedora Core 5 special issue with the 5 CD set, magazine and large pull out chart).

Your magazine is excellent and I throughly enjoy the variety of articles that are featured on a monthly basis. Keep up the good work!



Sadly (as another Aussie commenter mentioned) recent DVDs haven't survived transportation well - I've had several unusable ones. (No matter, I'm quite capable of downloading, but thought you'd like to know). The older ones seemed to be a bit sturdier.

I'll enjoy checking out the 'extras' when copies eventually arrive in-store. I was chuffed to see my letter in last month's mag! (I've got a subscription on my birthday wishlist :))

Enabled to upgrade to karmic

Enabled to upgrade to karmic with a fresh install as I use mobile broadband this was the best option. installed opensuse 11.2 as well mobile broadband still not working out the box ubuntu wins again.

Fedora 12

I was hoping for Fedora 12, hopefully it'll be on the next disc. I always have trouble with the LiveCD installation, especially since the Anaconda storage system rewrite.

Linux Format in Canada

Looking forward to this one ...

After years of buying Linux Format at the magazine store (even in Canadian dollars, it's expensive), I was delighted to take up your offer of North American subscriptions recently. So far I have received an issue (so I know it works) and hope to see this one soon.

Yes Please

Keep the extras coming. Loved the useful commands reminder. Gonna keep that bit, as a part time cl line user it will be dead useful as I frequently forget stuff that I use infrequently. Agree with posts above for more of that esp basic VI or VIM commands.
Can't understand the aussies problems with disks. I'm in NZ and never have any probs. Must be their postal service.
Not gonna comment on the Ubuntu theme.

Still waiting for my issue

Looking forward to receiving my issue. It's just shame that issues arrive about the same time new issue is released in UK. And I have reference point for ordering magazines from UK to Finland and for example 2000AD arrives promptly one day after publication date in UK. So I know it is possible to deliver it on time. Even Newsstands get it earlier, which kind of defeats the purpose of subscribing.


I'd love to put the poster up on my wall but I didn't receive one with my subscription copy of LXF 127. I've contacted the magazine's subscription Dept. but the only reply I received from them asked me "what poster?"!

Can anyone help me?

I am a subscriber. And this

I am a subscriber. And this year, I will only get 12 insted of 13 issues.. :(


Yay, I got my issue today, whole 2 days before next one goes on sale. Thats a whopping 75 kilometers per day for 26 days from UK to Finland.

Ctrl,Alt,Prt Scr Sys Rq, RESUIB

Hi Thanks I do enjoy your magazine and have learnt a lot about using Linux in the year and a half I have been reading Linux Format, and thanks for the wall chart which at least told me how to re boot when once again some distro or other has got stuck, please do not bash Windows so much, Linux is good but .....editors


For the first time in 59 years of life I have subscribed to a magazine. YOURS! Congratulations from another convert.

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