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Making with the funnies

Fresh from recording another TuxRadar podcast ready for tomorrow (yes, it really does go through extensive sound editing before being released to the world), we had a discussion here at LXF Towers about whether we use up too much space with our dazzling wit.

Whether it's SPython, chimps delivering subscriptions, flippant welcome page answers, SI Gonzales ratings or LeeNukes and his legion of page-checking ninjas (he probably hasn't spotted that one yet), we rarely shy away from filling in captions or other little spaces with seemingly random comments that frequently only long-term subscribers will get.

Does this irritate you? Would you rather we cut the fluff and focused on more, more, more Linux goodness? Answers on a postcard, or alternatively leave a comment below.

Your comments

Your "dazzling wit" is what

Your "dazzling wit" is what makes the podcast a masterpiece - every wednesday! :)


Seconded, without the Witty Banter it would sound very dull n borring!

Gotta let loose every now

Gotta let loose every now and again, gentlemen... bring the noise!


Aye, keep it up. What else are captions for?


Whose complaining? Keep it up, but you may need to tone down the irony for American audiences.

Keep it! The flippant

Keep it! The flippant humour is what attracted me to buy Linux Format in the first place. Some of the other Linux magazines I've tried always felt a bit too po-faced. I like the mix in Linux Format -- plenty of serious articles to get your teeth into, but a light-hearted side too. And captions and whatnot is the best place to put.

no change pls

im happy with how it is, a comical outlook on life keeps me sane.

whilst im at it, i noticed a very lovely beer glass in this months lxf, already being a subscriber, please please please please..and please..can you set up little shopping cart (mag project?) so i can buy two or three?


As a Newb

As a relative newb, some of the wit goes right over my head but then, that just makes me more curious to find out more. Yes, please keep it just as it is otherwise I might nod off half way through if it is too serious!!

Keep it!

I only recently started to notice all the comments hidden in odd parts of the magazine. They give me something to look for while I read the magazine, you'd better not remove them! :D

Like Us

What's endearing is that, hopefully this goes for all of us, your dazzling wit represents your readership and not just 'long term subscribers'. Linux and technology _is_ light hearted and your humour allows us to eschew the 'beards and spectacles' image (no offence to anyone who has either of these).

Keep it - When I want to

Keep it - When I want to read a text book, that's what I do instead of reading LXF

More Please

Keep it up Gentleman. Its great stuff.

Keep the crack/craic......

KEEP THE DAFT COMMENTS. In fact I want more! (Esp the Amiga References)

It keeps things light hearted. If I wanted to be bored to tears I could always
read Linux user and developer ;-)

Its this sort of stuff that makes me read, re-read, archive, store and then retrieve from storage and read again.

This is the closest thing we've got to my fav of fav's, = Amiga Format.

In fact we're cataloguing the funnies here =

So to reiterate. Keep the funnies, and infact add more!

Just! Keep! It!

I am just listening to Podcast 18 and I am really enjoying this. Information and witty banter make it all go down very well. Just leave it as it is!

It aint poisinal

Just please try to avoid the temptation to snipe at each other. It gives the podcast a 'schoolboys in sheds' feel otherwise. Ultimately I value the entertainment way more than the information though.........

The welcome page answers are

The welcome page answers are the most entertaining bit of the magazine. i say keep it up

Schoolboys in sheds

Actually the 'schoolboys in sheds' feel isn't so bad, in fact it reminds me of Your Sinclair - not that I live in the past or anything but another Calvin & Hobbes reference wouldn't go amiss...

I agree sniping wears thin after a while but I haven't got the impression that LXF is divided against itself yet.

Keep doing what you're doing.

I like your "fluff"! I can read enough dry, dull and boring epistles. Don't get too serious on us. There is enough of that stuff around!

Choccolate penguin

Too much seriousness in the world today. Some humour is what makes the difference between dry and boring and digestible.

Carry On Chaps

My partner who is only slightly interested in Linux will pick up this Mag to surf the witty comments. So it shows that Linux Users are not complete Geeks devoid of all humour (apart from regurgitated Monty Python skits). You also get a wider reading audience.
It also makes easier reading - I dislike trawling through complex technical documentation, that's why I get Linux Format. It also makes the writers (journalists) seem more accessible and human.
Oh! I'm a lumberjack and I'm Ok!

Keep the wit, I love one

Keep the wit, I love one liners...

I sleep all night and I work all day!
(Toowoomba LUG; do you lot wear high heals too?)

None Retired

Keep up the good work. I really enjoy it. Linux has come a long way to matching windows, except in the codex field. Windows still has up beat on that. This would make Linux 10 times better than windows.
From US.

True wit

doesn't rely on slapstick. Yes, sometimes I find it "a bit much". I'd like to see the funny-business downplayed, but true wit is something entirely different and needn't take much extra space. Be as witty as you can manage, but don't try to be funny!

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