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On Mario 64

Mike Saunders and I are playing through Mario 64 on the DS right now. Mike has a bit of an advantage, as he's already played through it on the N64 and thus should already know where all the secret stars are and so on. But please remember that in any given game where it's Hudzilla vs TekWMinister, Hudzilla will usually pull ahead, so I'm pleased to report that I have 105 stars whereas poor old Mike is still struggling to break the 100 mark.

Of course, it's possible that Mike will explain that he has no reason to want to play Mario 64 on the DS, which might explain why he is behind. So, I shall let you into a secret about Mike: despite his kind, loving and shy nature, Mike is rather competitive deep down. Witness this exchange of SMS messages a few days ago:

10th Jan 20:54: [Mike] Excellent! Have you played [Mario] Sunshine at all, or waiting to finish 64 first?
10th Jan 21:21: [Paul] Will beat you at 64 first ;) Am in Hazy Maze and loving it.
10th Jan 23:21: [Mike] Up to 81 stars and main game completed now.

Mike, convinced he'd taken a strong lead, then seems to have rest on his laurels (ie, started playing Project Rub/Another Code/Mario & Luigi), so I took the opportunity to leap ahead. Last night, Mike and I walked home from the office together, and I said. "I've got 91 stars in Mario 64 now, which makes me better at Mario 64 than you. I should post a blog entry about this..."

Then, later that night...

16/1 23:26 [Mike] Been playing a bit of Mazza too. 92 stars now - I think I'll go to 100 and you can discover anything new thereafter!

Knowing Mike couldn't resist the challenge, I'd be playing on last night and I still hold the lead. This blog entry will likely goad Mike into a Mario 64 frenzy, but we'll have to wait and see - perhaps he'll show some restraint! ;)

In the meantime, Mike Saunders sucks at Mario 64! Neener, neener, neeeeeeeener!

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