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A month in with TuxRadar

Well, it's now been four weeks since we flicked the switch on TuxRadar, and so far it's been going pretty well. I know some of you probably think "darn, I saw that content months ago..." (or, in the case of our insanely popular Linux tips every geek should know feature, years ago - it's from issue 58!), but for the rest of the internet there's such a lack of quality Linux tutorials and features out there that TuxRadar seems to be quite a surprise to people! Anyway, I realise most of you asked for us to put reviews online first, and we haven't really prioritised that so far. But hopefully (we're still figuring out the final points) that's going to change. What we're thinking is to put reviews online as soon as they have been written and checked, so that everyone gets to read them straight away. They'll still end up in print as per usual in that issue. Perhaps we could even include some of the comments from readers in the print version? Like I said, we're still trying to see how hard it would be to do this, so watch this space. On another note entirely, we're also mulling over the idea of putting magazine PDFs into the subscriber's area the minute they leave LXF Towers for the printers. It would take some re-coding of our subs area, so we're only going to pitch the idea to management folks if you think it'd be worthwhile to have. So, er, do you think it'd be worthwhile? :)

Your comments

Hi Paul, I live in Spain

Hi Paul,

I live in Spain and I receive the magazine three weeks later. Usually one week after I have received the issue the new cover appears in the LXF issue. That means that for me is great to have access to the PDFs of the latest magazine. Last issue has been the first one that I have read mainly on-line.

My vote is YES.

PS. Congratulations for the nice work with TuxRadar and the podacast!

The idea that reader's

The idea that reader's comments could be integrated into the reviews sounds like a brilliant idea! Perhaps once you upload the articles, readers could search through and correct the little mistakes that we all love LXF for :D .

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