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My dad can beat up your dad

I think I've seen it all now. Whatever kind of hobbies people take up, they invariably find ways to prove that they're better than others. Look, the spoiler on my fancy roller skate is 3.2 cm wider than yours! I'm the best! Hey, you're not as good as me, because I drink wine that's six months older than the junk you swig. Oh, and I'm far cooler than you could ever be, because I use -fomit-frame-pointer in my CFLAGS. Hah!

"Like my car? You should
see my IP address..."

So now, like the Barcode Battler rising from the dead, we have IP ratings. Over at, they've come up with all sorts of algorithms and tests to determine just how cool your IP address is. Does it contain prime numbers? What would it be like as a poker hand? How does it render as a bitmap?

In fact, this is a great advantage if you're on dynamically allocated IP modem dialup. Don't like your result? Just reconnect and try again!

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