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My exciting morning in the photostudio

Sometimes we need to take pictures of stuff. Like this exciting box here. It has lights, and connections and things. People will want to see it looking nice in a magazine. So we spend a huge amount of time trying to make things look exciting.
Spending time in the photostudio is what I like most of all. Every minute is a thrill. They seem to play Morrissey constantly, which always warms my heart...
Er, actually
Spending time in photostudios, unless you are actually taking the photograph, is really dull. Really really dull. Sooooooooooooooooooo dull. But someone has to go and press the buttons, and point out which bit needs to be photographed.
At this point I should probably say that a photostudio is a VERY unsuitable place to take pictures. They are usually dark, and if you foolishly turn on your flash, you will receive return fire from a mighty array of megawatt devices scattered all over the place. That's my excuse anyway.

So, you can expect to see this exciting box soon. And when you see it, think of the very boring hour I spent just so you would have something nice to look at.

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