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New special on-sale now: Master

We produced an LXF special just over a year ago that focused on learning all about Sadly, back then the distribution of our special magazines was fairly small, so we got a lot of emails from people months later saying "if I had known it was on sale, I would have bought it!"

Well, that special is back, fully updated for OOo 3.0, and it goes on sale from today. As per usual, it will take a few weeks to get to all our worldwide readers, but we are working to get the thing onto My Favourite Magazines for online purchasing ASAP - we'll post here when it's available.

If you didn't see the first OOo special, this one is a great purchase - whether you're looking to learn yourself or really just want to help evangelise free software by giving a copy away to a friend or relative, this special edition magazine should be just what you're looking for.

Your comments

Hi! Is there anything about


Is there anything about macro programming to automatise tasks? It's something that usually doesn't appear in texts for beginners. More or less I think I know what I need about OOo but I don't know anything about programming and it's something I could need someday.


Javier: Yes! There's

Javier: Yes! There's something like 16 pages on macros towards the back.

I would like to see

I would like to see something on macros as well. The company I work for is a Windows shop but converting to Linux. Our biggest hurdle is the hundreds of Excel spreadsheets that are full of macros. If I new how to do macros in OpenOffice, it would make the transition much better.


Why didn't you put a link on

Why didn't you put a link on this page to purchase it?

It should show up on

It should show up on it still lists "You can code!" even though it is sold out :roll:

I looked at a copy at our

I looked at a copy at our local bookseller. Just like the previous edition, there is Base on the cover, but I did not find a section on Base inside. I really wanted a good section on Base and how to use it in conjunction with Writer, but I did not see it. Therefore, I did not buy the current special edition.

Eager to get my hands on

Eager to get my hands on this magazine, called into my local WH Smiths this morning - they looked confused and had not heard of it.

How sad is that for distribution, surely WH is the first place to look? Is it scheduled to go to WH Smiths in the near future?

Hi John, It should be in WH

Hi John,

It should be in WH Smiths -- it's available in the one in Bath. Whereabouts is the store you went into?


Hi Mike Thanks for your

Hi Mike

Thanks for your reply. It was the Bracknell Store (RG12 Area).

Whilst 'talking' to you, I am very interested in obtaining a copy of your publication "You Can Code!". Where can I get hold of one? Sold out according to



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