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New Team Member!

Graham has abandoned us in favour of a h-o-l-i-d-a-y to Crete. We all know he's never coming back - not because he doesn't like us very much, but because he's well aware that when he leaves Crete we'll call him an ex-Cretian. Thank you, I'll be here all night...

Ah! Yes, the reason I'm posting: while Graham is away, we have a Graham substitute in his place. We sent numerous email offers to the Tub of Lard from Have I Got News For You, but were rebuffed each time. Falling back on our last resort option, we have a sprightly young sprog called Scott coming in for some work experience.

Well, it's more sort of work escape experience as he's been free-transferred in our direction from the Computer Services division of this fine company. We're not sure whether to call him "Scotty" - which would require Nick to be named Kirk, me to be Spock, Rebecca to be Uhura, Andrew to be Sulu, and Mike to be Chekov - or just call him "Graham" to avoid confusion. The problem with that latter option is that we've already tested New Boy in Unreal Tournament and found he didn't suck, so calling him Graham might actually add confusion.

On second thoughts, Mike has a much stronger accent than Chekov, and is noticeably smaller. Perhaps Mike is best suited as a tribble...

Anyway, here is Scott for your ogling pleasure:

Scott the New Boy on LXF

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