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Nice cup of tea

Tea is brilliant. It's one of things that made Britain rich in the 19th century. Workers that drank tea boiled their water and put tasty antioxidant leaves in, keeping them healthier than non-tea drinkers. If religion was the opiate, tea was the antiseptic of Marx's Manchester.
This made Britain great in two ways:

  • It allowed slum landlords to cram more familes in to tiny ramshackle buildings, maximising the rents that they could get for their properties.
  • It effectively lowered the subsistence wage by making drinkers healthy, so industrialists could spend less money on wages and more on investments/top hats.

Britain is full of different religions, nationalities, languages, beers, cuisines... and we all love tea. Britain is a colloid: we are the dispersal phase, we heterogeneous brownian blobs bumping into each other; and tea is the continuous phase.

Which is why it is a DISGRACE that the tea from the machines at LXF Towers is so DAMMNED AWFUL! It mings like a dynasty of merciless vases, it's rank like a taxi, it's vile with a capital E. That drinks machine is an insult to my heritage, so when the time came for a tea-based photoshoot, I had to go and get a bag of Tetley's and my second-favourite mug. You can't see the tea from the photos, but if we had lied to the readers by using water or something, I would have known about and it would have made me feel bad. Strong tea it is in that mug, with a spot of full-fat and no sugar.

In other news, OpenSUSE Slick installed like a dream on my Dell laptop, booting into KDE first time. It recognises my wireless internet connection, which SUSE 10.0 didn't, and didn't throw a wobbly over the SATA hard disk. The resolution is wrong, but I'm not going to fix it 'coz it's cool and retro.

Rev Andrew Gregory MA drinking tea

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