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After a busy morning touring the excellent Portland weekend market, I went back to the hotel to sleep off most my jet lag (or at least that's what I think). Awoke three hours later than planned, but still with more than enough time to go off to the convention centre to pick up my badge for OSCon.

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The new location is huge: maybe five or six times the size of last year's convention centre, which must mean they plan to block off large parts of it so it feels less like a cavern and more like a friendly place to be. That said, last year's OSCon was a bit too friendly, so the extra space is welcome. The conference bag is a rucksack this year: they must have got complaints about the overly feminine look the last one!

The Oregon Convention Center is cavernous

In the swag bag comes a miniature forest full of brochures and advertisements, along with a mug (surely Mountain Dew is best drunk out of bottles?) and, curiously, some Yahoo! mints. On the plus side this should at least mean less bad breath out there over the coming days, but it may well also mean irritating rattling sounds during sessions... guess well have to see.

OSCon badge, and Yahoo! mints

Received a message from Joby Sessions (the LXF staff photographer): he's here safe, and from the sounds of it his hotel is a lot closer to the conference centre than mine. Damn! I guess he does have a lot more kit to carry around...

Anyway, it's 11pm now and I'm hoping to hit the sack and sleep properly. Expect to hear back from me at 3am tomorrow morning.

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