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We know that some people scoff at the popularity of the Raspberry Pi, but selling in the millions and running the Debian-based Raspbian, why not think of it as one of the biggest selling GNU/Linux devices of all time? (Possibly because it is?) Surely that can only be a good thing and spreads contact with Linux to a wider and vitally younger audience? I recently listened to a FOSS (free and open source software) talk where the discussion centred on how any FOSS device could even come close to the success of the Apple iPhone. The talk turned to finding a niche new market or demand that no one else had thought of… Surely, I thought at the time, what they’re talking about here is the Raspberry Pi?

Of course, they were thinking of how the Canonical Ubuntu Phone could be made into a success, but that’s the same thinking that drums up the phrase “this is the year of Linux on the desktop”, which makes the assumption that the desktop matters anymore.

This all adds up to make the Pi you own already a super Pi, but in this issue we’re going to look at how you can get the utmost from your Pi no matter if you use it as a desktop, portable, IoT or streaming device. We also wonder if the Pi’s star is beginning to wane as we take a look at the new single-board PCs that are on the market now and see if they can compete.

Not that we are going to neglect desktop Linux in the magazine. We’re covering: multi-booting USB devices, Screen on the terminal, the latest release of Wordpress, recording live TV with MythTV, how to replicate the Nazi Enigma machine, the best secure chat clients and highlight how good Rocket League is on Linux and much more! Who says Linux isn’t fun?!

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