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It's interesting how different companies respond to my asking for an interview with one of their staff. For example, it took minutes for me to set up an interview with Greg Kroah-Hartman (a leading kernel hacker): I emailed him directly, he asked a Novell PR person, they said "Sure", and our interview is set up. However, it's not so easy elsewhere.

For example, I'm looking to interview Jim Hugunin (IronPython and Jython creator who has been hired by MS). I called up the MS UK Press Office, spelled out his name a couple of times, and they promised some action. A week goes by, and then I get an email from the MS PR team in the US asking why I want to speak to Jim - is it to get an overview of the lanuage? Are there specific questions I want to ask? Why do I persist in thinking that Linux is better than Windows? Alright, I lied about that last one, but I do resent even small attempts to fend off one-to-one interviews with people!

It's now just two days until OSCon kicks off, and I'm looking forward to it - particularly to the vast mountain of Mountain Dew and Junior Mints that most people call "America"!

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