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Regular LXFers will know that we have a section on our DVD called Directory, which has been largely the same over the last few years with not much going on. Well, I'd like to change that! Back in the day, when I were a lad, computer magazines used to have regular sections for readers to advertise their work - fanzines, artwork, PD software compilations etc. If possible, I'd like to bring some of that spirit back with a new, revamped Directory section on the disc.

Maybe you've got an idea for a free software project, and you're looking for contributors. Perhaps you've written some Creative Commons music on your Linux box and want to share it with the world. Or possibly you're offering Linux support in your area and want to spread the word. Yes, you can use the internet for these things, but we know from our readers that: A) many don't have regular internet access; and B) many of those who do just don't have time to browse a bajillion websites.

So it'd be great if the directory could be a central gathering area for LXF readers to share their work and passion. Of course, there's limited space on the disc, especially with all the distros we cram in, so we can't start including ISO images or anything like that. But if you want to share your efforts with the 27,147 people who read LXF, drop me a line and I'll get back in touch.

Your comments

I like the idea......

Except what I do is A Niche Too Far, (Esoteric perhaps?), so I`ll
not be donating anything...




Mint Fan

There should be more features on, and examination of Linux Mint, which is becoming more and more popular.

More user content (less *buntu)

I think that the directory section could be used as a staging post for new FOSS projects, that could be used to get other developers / users to test and give input on projects.

Also it could be used to be a platform to advertise new and existing LUGS (perhaps it could have a area to promote a 'LUG of the month' section)

I could imagine that there is a lot of scope to allow more user content within this section (and maybe less *buntu content - as it seems to me that your content can be a little bias towards this range of distributions)

Well, I love it...

Personally, I love the idea. I'm excited and curious to see what folks come up with.

Nice one, Mike. Best of luck with this project.


Great idea but ...

What about a page with links to the websites of linux user groups and individual LFX readers who run a blog or website promoting Linux?
Links could be grouped into categories: projects, services, help wanted, information required etc. A couple of web pages should not take up much disk space but with a little bit of organisation such a resource might prove to be a very useful central point of contact where LXF readers can contact each other regarding projects, work etc. It would also give more a sense of community to what is already a very good magazine.

Retired, LF Reader

I think you are talking about community building. I think it's a *great* idea, however, what you do will want continuous maintenance as this world changes. Putting this material into the Directory makes it permanent, which will often be helpful to users and readers. Do it!
-- Martha Adams

PiTiVi video editor

I wanted to do a little Video editing but instead of the usual "Kdenlive" (mentioned in LXF Aug 2009), I Found " PiTiVi " there waiting for me in my latest Ubuntu. Searching LXF for a quick overview to get me started, produced a few hits for Kdenlive but surprisingly no mention of PiTiVi. I am very unskilled at video stuff and needed an intuitive editor to get the job done and PiTiVi worked really well for me. This must deserve a little review in LXF?

Bill Mooney
22nd Oct 2kA

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