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Rubber bands and Richard Stallman

Wandering past the desks of PC Format this morning, I noticed the postbox had a large pile of rubber bands in there that appeared to be collecting dust. In a fit of boredom - deadline week just doesn't carry the same sense of urgency it used to! - I collected them all and started on my very own rubber band ball. Julian, the ex-Art Editor of LXF, has a rubber band ball larger than his head, so I have some way to go...

A very small rubber band ball

Apologies for the lack of sharpness in the rubber band picture - it was taken with Graham's Excellent New Camera. It's hard to tell whether it's blurry because of the camera or because of his Tourette's-induced shakiness.

In other news, we've been giving away LXF T-shirt for new subscribers for the last few months, and we got the first numbers back today. As you may know, we have two varieties of T-shirts: a picture of Richard Stallman, and a picture of a large penguin. Perhaps unsurprisingly, only 10% of T-shirt requests are for the picture of Mr Stallman; maybe you all just prefer the BSD licence?

No one wants a T-shirt with Richard Stallman on

While you all enjoy LXF71 ("Lock out hackers!"), I've just finished planning out LXF73. We have a huge stack of interviews from OSCon and LinuxWorld that we'd just love to print for you, but sadly space is the perpetual predicament. So, we're just going to get close our eyes and pick an interview at random - presumably how Breakfast with Frost did it ;)

In other news, Nick has gone off to London claiming he has some work to do. This means we can all get some work done for a change, but it also means I can post some pictures of Nick during his "heart throb" phase. Veteran magazine readers will remember these from the early days of LXF, although with hindsight we can clearly see the hair had had it a while ago!

Nick Veitch is happy
Nick Veitch is perplexed
Nick Veitch is suspicious

Nick has his own Photoblog on Flickr that you should read, as it has much better pictures of him looking odd. Now to get some real work done...

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