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Hi. My name is Mike, and I'm a screenshotaholic. For many years I thought I was alone in the world, trawling through Google images to find out what the text editor in QNX 6.2 looked like, or how the mouse options screen varied between Amiga Workbench 1 and 2.

Today, I have learnt that I am not alone in this world. For today, I have discovered GUIdebook. This site contains a vast number of screenshots from many different versions of many operating systems - it's fantastic.

Even better, you can narrow it down to certain desktop utilities. Ever wanted to see what the 3D calculator in IRIX looks like? Clicky here. Looking for some inspiration in the OPENSTEP mouse preferences dialog? You'll find it in this page.

After you've had a browse, let us know: what's your favourite GUI ever? I have a real soft spot for the RISC OS GUI - check it out. I've barely used RISC OS, but I love the solid stone effect. Look at the scrollbars in the browser window. Don't you just want to grab those cold, stony beasts?

And you know that 'klank' noise at the end of the Virtua Racing title sequence? That would be the perfect sound effect to accompany warning dialogs in RISC OS.

Your comments

Fav` GUI...

Well AMIGA OS 3.1x of course...

I could be wrong but......
I think it`s about the only OS I know of with a concept of pull down
SCREENS of differing resolutions and colour depths doing completely
different tasks...

How about MS DOSSHELL in GUI format, (Windows 1.x a derivative of it?).
I still use that very occasionally and yes within limits it works
under Vista too!

I noticed no P`n`P 1995 Fall Edition of YGGRADSIL - UGH! - I CAN
understand why!

Did I miss the ATARI GUI?

Desktop GUI's

Loved the link - thanks a lot Mike most enjoyable. It just shows you how spoilt we have become with wonderful graphics abilities these days.

Mind you I didn't mind the menu systems in DOS back in the days of 3.1 etc. At least there were some nice clean ones amongst the clutter.

I am on the lookout for "different" desktop concepts screenshots. I remember seeing a few just a couple of years back which were far different to anything I had ever seen before and were at the time considered as quite spectacular and possibly the desktops of the future. Obviously not this future, yet!

No DR or KDE

I still have disks with the original DR GUI which was the first alternative to Apple on PCs.

And Wot no KDE!

Windows ME

I am very impressed with the Windows ME screenshot - how did they manage to take that in the incredibly short time frame that you have between boot and crash?


I don't know why, although I spend as much time as I can at the command prompt (and I've found zsh a very good shell-thanks for the article!), for what ever reason, I really 'clicked' with CDE in the early 90s on SunOS and it always felt "right"-for whatever reason. I still run it on my HP-UX Visualize workstation. I wish that there was a version for Linux.

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