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We know 2016 was bad for security threats and 2017 isn’t looking any better. But with hackers turning their attention to poorly secured internet of thing (IoT) devices, rather than better secured servers or desktop computers, isn’t it about time you started taking your network security more seriously?

This issue we take a long look at the rush by consumers to install insecure devices on their home networks, what you can do to lock down your own network and devices to help protect yourself, create a truly secure smart home built not only on Linux servers, but also Linux-powered IoT devices that you control. It’s these last two points that are just as important. Part of the issue with the IoT is the loss of ownership and control people have over these devices.

We’ve seen Google try and kill nearly-new devices, fly-by night Chinese companies dumping insecure cameras and devices online, while plenty of devices are shipped with insecure admin settings. It’s another case of Stallman was right: if you don’t own the device and ecosystem you don’t own anything. That’s why we also explain how you can build your own IoT devices and then take control of them through your own secure systems, both internally and externally to your networks. You won’t look at IoT devices in quite the same way again.

But we can’t be paranoid all of the time [who said that?–Ed] so there’s the usual host of open source fun to be had throughout the magazine. We look at how you can dump Minecraft in favour of the open source Minetest both on the Raspberry Pi (with full OpenGL acceleration) and on the Linux desktop. We consider working from home more with remote desktop, building a website in the Dark Web and much more. So enjoy another amazing open source issue!

Don’t forget to write to and let us know what you do with Linux, what you think of the magazine and what you think we should be covering. Enjoy!

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