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Send us your desktop photos!

As we've just posted over on TuxRadar, we're looking to revive the "Anatomy of a Geek Desktop" section in the magazine. The idea is simple: you send a decent photo of your real, physical desktop (not a screenshot!) at 1600x1200 pixels, and 4MB or less please, to me. Also send some text describing your computer, the distro, your workspace and other bits 'n pieces. If it's awesome, we'll print it in the magazine and you'll be famous for the rest of your life. We look forward to seeing them!

Your comments

The Other Man's Shack. ;o)

Well in Amateur Radio circles this is known as !The Other Man's Shack... ;oD

I did this some years ago on an AMIGA ML that I am on to see other guys geeky stuff.

I doubt mine will be awesome but when you see it you will see a Python GUI I developed for the classic AMIGA displayed as a Data-Logger. As the classic AMIGA has no concept of TKinter I decided to do my own and gave it all away to AMINET.

This GUI idea also works in AMIGA CLI mode and ARexx too...


wine troubles

i want to run windows games with wine so i can play games like zuma , jewel quest but its not workin and im getting upset...HELP PLEASE !oihowil binary

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