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Shooting hoops

(apologies for the picture quality; these are the RAW dumps from my camera)

We all went to see the Utah Jazz play the Toronto Raptors last night. I'm not a big basketball fan, but it was fun to watch the crowd go wild when the Jazz did anything remotely interesting.

To keep the crowd entertained, all sorts of monkeying around took place at time outs and period breaks. Of course, with lots of people believing yesterday was St Patrick's Day (it was Saturday, darnitall!), there was a fair amount of Irishness around. It felt just like the real thing...

The Utahns(!) won - unsurprisingly, given how much energy the fans devoted to putting off the Raptors - and we had just enough time for one last super-sized advert...

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Not a basketball fan here

Not a basketball fan here either, but since the Raptors are the hometown boys, I will mention that their number 1 player and team leader, Chris Bosch, is out with an injury.

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