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SpikeSource are not the leaders in cross-platform testing of open source

I received an intriguing email today from the SpikeSource PR agency. Yesterday, during my interview with Kim Polese, I asked them why they were calling themselves the leaders in open source testing when they had only really just launched. So, this morning I get an email from the PR people saying, amongst other things, "The follow-up was mostly around this notion of
SpikeSource claiming to be a "leader". It's totally counter to the humble approach they take with the community. They don't beat their chests in press releases or on the website."


Clearly the SpikeSource website disagrees with SpikeSource itself.

You probably need to right-click on that image and select "View Picture" or something similar to see it full-size. Anyway, enough said on that topic.

In happier news, Joby sent over a couple more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Edd Dumbill and Niel Bornstein

Edd Dumbill and Niel Bornstein, the Mono authors, seem to be having a great time with my laptop.

Jim Hugunin

Jim Hugunin is a really nice guy - we got some great shots of him playing about on the escalator ;)

The leaders in cross-platform testing of open source

Kim and Murugan explain why they are the leaders of... oh, wait. D'oh!

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