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Thanks for a great year!

I just wanted to thank everyone - our readers, subscribers and contributors - for a great year at Linux Format and TuxRadar, and hope you all have a brilliant Christmas break.

Also, I had a request to post the intro comment from the current issue so that people could link to it, and it seems like a fitting message to end 2011 with, so here it is:

A couple of years ago, the future of Linux had become a little unclear. I put this down to its success. We no longer had to fight for web compatibility with our browsers, or convince an ISP that Linux will work, or even explain what Linux was (and how to pronounce it) to lots of people. We no longer had a common enemy and a single cause, and as a result our emphasis shifted. Linux grew up. It’s now used everywhere, on everything, but not in the ways many of us initially imagined. It has succeeded on smartphones, in digital television receivers and on servers. But it hasn’t quite succeeded on the desktop, despite influencing a lot of the design of its competitors. Forget this small battle, and I think the overall success is proof that the free software model works.

Also forget about new features for a moment. At the risk of sounding like RMS, I think the killer app for our future is freedom. Freedom is something we all take for granted but seldom mention, and I think this is going to become increasingly important over the next couple of years. Its importance, I think, makes the future of Linux clearer. It’s going to become the only real and open alternative to a world of greater lock-down, where people can’t tinker without fearing the end of a warranty, or even worse. With Linux, we’ll always be able to play with our hardware, build things and tear them apart. You can see how stuff works, deconstruct protocols and study the science of computers in action. This is the only foundation worth anything for the future of computing. Anything less will risk being shortsighted, ineffective and plain wrong.

Here's to 2012!


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Unlocking Your Bootloader

who asked for this?

"HTC is committed to listening to users and delivering customer satisfaction. We have heard your voice and starting now, we will allow our bootloader to be unlocked for 2011 models going forward"

Thanks for a great mag

Thank you for a truly great mag.

Liberty vs. Freedom -- the Linux product

What Linux and GNU provide is "liberty" -- permission to make our own choices about which software we use, which hardware we run it on, and how we use all this to solve the problems we think are interesting and important. In addition to permission, open source provides the resources, another liberty, that we need to expand our horizons.

"Liberty" and "freedom" are two distinct concepts. Absent fear for life and limb or mechanical restrain, we are all "free" to swing our arms however we desire. However, we do not have "liberty" to swing our arms in ways that make contact with another's nose.

~~~ 0;-Dan

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