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Today we're launching something new at LXF Towers. That something is called TuxRadar, and is a free software news website where we'll also be posting content from Linux Format as and when we can. As an added bonus, we'll also be recording a podcast every two weeks, with the first episode already available.

Our goals for the website are pretty simple:

  • Get some LXF content out there, for free, for everyone to read and learn from.
  • Post frequent news stories about free software matters.
  • Post up more original stories than we do right now (ie, features that aren't even in LXF).
  • Archive the Hudzilla Coding Academy
  • Have some fun with the podcast, while covering issues that matter.
  • Do all the above using a site that loads super-fast, doesn't split stories up into a zillion pages, and is pretty light on adverts too.

You may have figured out by now that Andrew's blog entry asking for feedback about Mono was for the first podcast, so a few of you who responded will find your views aired in the recording.

All the above might sound very nice, but I need your help to tell people about the new site and the new podcast series we're launching. Of course it would also be great to hear your feedback on either of them - we're hoping the podcast gets a little smoother with time (it's our first attempt!), but all suggestions are welcome.

As an added incentive for you to try the podcast, you should know there's a fantastic subscriptions offer at the end - US$99 for one year for Americans, and more great savings for people in other parts of the world.

So: I hope this new venture proves to your liking - please do take the time to pass on the URL to your friends!

Your comments

So there is a user log in on

So there is a user log in on the new site. What is it for? There seems to be no way to manage the account once it is created.

It's really just so it knows

It's really just so it knows you're a verified user when posting comments. There's no forum or such like.

I'm feeling unloved. The

I'm feeling unloved. The site promised to send account details and password to my e-mail address, but doesn't seem to have done :(

That's strange, Rhakios.

That's strange, Rhakios. I've changed your password to something you know: the five letters immediately after "rhakios." in your email address.

Thanks Paul, that

Thanks Paul, that works.

Interesting to hear all your voices on the podcast. Adds character to the pictures that appear in the magazine.

And I meant to add, that I

And I meant to add, that I wonder if it has something to do with my ISP adopting greylisting?

"Interesting to hear all

"Interesting to hear all your voices on the podcast."

I could have summed that up for you:

Paul "Speaks too fast" Hudson
Mike "Speaks too northern" Saunders
Graham "Oh no, what a personal disaster" Morrison
Andrew "Chamois Leather" Gregory

I don't know whether your ISP blocked the email or not. Other people seem to have signed up OK?

All rather odd and harking

All rather odd and harking back to when I first signed up for the LXF site, when Nick was good enough to e-mail me with my password. I think that might have been an issue with Opera back then. Wondering about it, if Konqueror (which I'm using now) hadn't submitted the form properly, I don't expect I would have got the message that my details would be e-mailed.

I know we were told that greylisting might delay first e-mails from a domain by five minutes or so, but it's been rather longer than that by now.

I remain mystified.

And if knowing what voices sound like adds character (as I seem to think it does), then I'm "sounds like a bad cold" Rhakios. ;)

You have a bug on Hudzilla

You have a bug on Hudzilla Coding Academy, unless you are going to implement the new internet protocol.


[quote] Rhakios Says: "

[quote] Rhakios Says: " I’m feeling unloved. The site promised to send account details and password to my e-mail address, but doesn’t seem to have done :( " [/quote]

Me too! :(

Hang on in there and I'm

Hang on in there and I'm sure someone will be long to help you out.

Very strange, Ram. Have

Very strange, Ram. Have changed your password to the bits between @ and in your email address.

Cheers, that works :) The

Cheers, that works :)

The mail still not arrived :(

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