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Typos, height prediction and the other cat

I know you guys complain frequently about the number of typos in Linux Format, but I'm starting to think that really we're not so bad. Take the box of matches I bought recently: it has fewer than 50 words on it, of which one - the key word on a box of matches, "matches" - is spelt wrong. I think we do pretty good on LXF ;)

A nice big box of mathces

To all you cat fans, here's a picture of my other cat, Lizzie. She's a bit of a biter, but she and Toby get on well and that's what counts. Apparently she's a Tortie Burmese, which explains the mixed brown/white pattern.

Lizzie the cat loves Toby very much

Finally, did anyone read the news story on BBC News about the scientists that have devised a calculation to predict the height a child will reach in adulthood? It sounds intriguing until you read how it works: the scientists calculate the adult height "by adding a child's present height to how many centimetres the child still had left to grow." Those clever boffins...

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