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An update about our discs

Lots of readers have written in to complain about the packaging of the disc in LXF105, and I don't blame them. If you haven't seen the issue yet, the disc isn't bound into the large paper wallet we've been doing for several issues, but was instead placed inside a clear plastic wallet and stuck to the back page. It sucks because:

1) People were just getting used to the bound-in paper wallet
2) Plastic is bad for the environment
3) Plastic also looks cheap, despite costing more
4) We lost space where we'd normally print disc contents and other information

As you might have guessed, the clear plastic wallet was as much a surprise to us as it was to you. Our disc manufacturers went bust, leaving us caught short and dashing to find a replacement as soon as possible - hence the clear plastic wallet solution.

Now, some bad news: the same packaging will be used for LXF106. Some more bad news: our new disc manufacturers aren't able to return to the old method of binding discs into the paper wallet.

But all this bad news has some potential silver lining, in that we now have to drop the clear plastic wallet, and we still can't go back to the bound-in paper wallets. Which leaves us with... yes, you guessed it: cardboard wallets identical to the ones we use when LXF comes in a bag. This is a little bit annoying for you all, because it probably appears that we just can't make up our minds, but I really hope we can make this cardboard wallet a permanent solution. I can't guarantee that, mind you, but it's certainly what we're hoping for.

So, cardboard wallets are almost certainly back from LXF107, but there's one choice left: do we stick the wallet on the front of the magazine, or leave it on the back page where it is in LXF105? I don't mind either way - what do you think?

Your comments

Hi! Personally I don't like


Personally I don't like discs sticked on the front of the magazines.

In fact, thanks that I pay a broadband connexion at home, I rarely use the disc. So, for me the best solution would be a cheaper subscription without disc. I'm a LXF subscriber for the last 3 years. Environmentally speaking it would be the best solution for me.


I would go with the sticking

I would go with the sticking of it on the back page.

I personally hate the disks stuck on the cover.. for a few reasons... in shops they get knocked of. also no matter what type of glue is used, the cover always gets damaged.

I wouldn't get rid of the disk, as it was the LXF distro heaven DVD that brought me back to Linux big style, for which I am eternally grateful.

I must say I liked the disk in the plastic cover on the back page, as I have always hated the bound paper wallet..

Definitely keep the discs,

Definitely keep the discs, because they are very useful for people who have broadband, but have a capped connection (2GB is common for some cheaper deals). On this type of connection, you have 1, maybe 2 CD distors - but no OpenSuSE, Slackware, or any other DVD distro. Also, I think that clear plastic wallets would be very useful, but I missed those issues :(

Absolutely keep the discs. I

Absolutely keep the discs. I don't use them very often, but it's really nice having a war chest of linux distros stacking up. I probably wouldn't have tried Linux Mint if it hadn't come with the last issue, and I've lent big distro DVD (quite a few issues back) out to people who were interested in trying Ubuntu.

I'd definitely prefer the disc stuck in the back. If it's on the front, it'll come off, and then the disc won't be kept with the magazine in my pile of Linux Formats. However, it's not that much of a concern for me, I have to admit.

I'm sitting here looking at

I'm sitting here looking at my shelf of LXF disks from the LinuxAnswers forward and I much prefer the hard cases, the cardboard wallets don't have nice spines on which to read the contents :P

Keep the disks, as well as

Keep the disks, as well as put then on the back cover. I don't mind the plastic cover, but like the printed information. I try far more programs and distro's from the disk than I ever would just with the magazine. After all, you have done most of the selection, download, and error checking before I receive it.

Keep the disks in the

Keep the disks in the magazine. I prefer the disk in a cardboard or plastic wallet on the back page. They do get knocked off the front and the front covers get damaged, usually by trying to get the glue off. The plastic wallets are also useful for carrying around self burnt disks for friends etc.

Could you not make discs out

Could you not make discs out of corn starch and put them in a hemp envelope? Perhaps if you added some flavouring (say, organic balsamic vinegar and sea salt), if the discs were no use to us one month, we could eat them as a handy snack? Apart from that, I don't think there's much to choose between the options.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave the disc inside the cover. When the disc is " glued " to the outside cover, it always comes off and gets lost. And even tho I love this magazine, I won't buy the issue that is missing it's disc.

Please keep the disk, and

Please keep the disk, and keep it inside the mag (don't care whereabouts inside though).

A problem I have had in the past with card wallets is that the disks are a tight fit in the wallets, meaning you need to grip the disk firmly to get it out. Also, oftentimes, residue from the glue used to make the card wallets gets smeared onto the disk when inserting or removing. Allied to the fact that the disks themselves don't seem to be as robust as they used to be, means that they get unreadable after a month or so.

A (biodegradable) plastic wallet would sort these problems out.

Shame, I liked the bound-in

Shame, I liked the bound-in paper envelope.

Disk on the cover or disk inside? If it's on the cover it'll fall off and/or leave sticky marks, if it's inside you won't notice when buying the mag that the disk has been pinched! There's no ideal solution.

I'd say keep the disk (environmental considerations notwithstanding) though, as it can be handy to have a selection of recent distros lying around for occasions when there isn't time (or available bandwidth) to download one. I use the disks very seldom, but am occasionally very thankful for them.

People (some of whom don't have broadband) sometimes ask what distro they should try, to learn about linux. I invariably say: "go and buy a few months-worth of LXF, and try all the distros on the cover disks. There's bound to be one you like."

Never stop the disc, for I'd

Never stop the disc, for I'd hate to lose out on so much software.

But, envrionmentally-friendly though I am, I hate the paper sleeve/container. The perfs never rip properly and the disc is always compromised.

Cardboard sleeve and biodegradable plastic all-cover is fine. Big disc pack glued to the cover is the worst of all worlds. The disc goes missing, the jewel case is recycling doom.

The disc is important because it does several things: it reminds me that life is too short for one distro; it showcases software that would otherwise fall under the radar.

I agree with the consensus

I agree with the consensus that gluing the discs to the front is not good. As a subscriber I'm quite happy to have the discs loose in separate packaging as I plan to transfer them all to a disc case anyway. The only thing I'd add is that I was never keen on the cardboard bound into the magazine as it made the magazine harder to flick through, and it wouldn't sit flat on any page.

You have my backing for whatever is environmentally friendly.

Keep up the good work.

I don't like the cardboard

I don't like the cardboard disk case.
All the disks I receive in this form (including 103) have a rub mark across th disk from the folded edge of the pack
most have damaged files on the outer tracks

1) Keep the disc! IMHO, it

1) Keep the disc! IMHO, it is easily half of the magazine's value.
2) Place the disc in a paper envelope, with a flap. Glue the flap (with that removable, silicone-like glue) to some *internal* page. So the disc will be protected and will not fall off easily. It will also be easy for the reader to remove it from the magazine.
3) *Binding* the envelope in the middle of the magazine has always been a bad idea, anyway...
4) The magazine is great!

Linux rocks! :-)

i like the disks in the

i like the disks in the sleeve so thats a shame.

definitely keep the disks, although i do download more now. Out of the options available Cardboard is my preferred option and inside the back page would be my choice for location. A complete listing of software would be nice as well (unless i missed it last issue).

Maybe putting the cardboard

Maybe putting the cardboard wallet on the inside back page would be best for this (for me anyway) as I like the CD out of sight - though the pages in the magazine feel a bit loose and I was worried for ripping the page to detach the CD... maybe switch that back page ad to the page next to it?

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