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Wham Bam Thankyou Spam

Ah, spleen ventage. Anyone who visited the LXF forum early this morning will have found themselves in amongst a frenzy of spamming and garbage. Yes, for the first night in weeks we decided to open up the Help forum to non-registered users -- not a good move. Despite endless IP blocks, the spammers just won't halt. Ever. Grrr.

Well, by the looks of it, it's not a few spammers but a gang of rampaging bots, trawling the net for open forums and spreading their waste all over the place. At least by clearing up human-created spam, one feels a certain satisfaction in removing the junk someone spent time posting (you waste my time, I'll waste yours etc). But when you're vaping a load of garbage created by bots, it means nothing. Hrumph.

After the recent UCE japes, some have suggested -- and rightly so -- that we should keep the Help forum registered-only. It certainly avoids this nonsense. However, sometimes it's tremendously useful to post without logging in (and signing up for some people!). If you just want a quick answer, or if your main box is down, you need a solution and can't remember your password, being able to get immediate help is a lifesaver.

So I'm looking into solutions for this. Ideally, every time a spammer posts on our forum (or directs bots on 0wn3d boxes to flood it), he/she receives an automated slap from my newly patented SpammerSlappomatic 2000. Or perhaps they should appear on that Ann Widdecombe program. Either way, it'd be gigantically satisfying. And I needed to get this out of my system somehow. Hurrah!

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