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What's in a name?

A few weeks ago, in TuxRadar podcast season 2 episode 8, we bemoaned the inconsistent naming of the trash applet in Ubuntu. We're never ones to duck away from controversy, and a few commenters got pretty riled up about our remarks. Well, that was a walk in the park. Linux Mint 9 is another step ahead.

Click the main menu in Mint 9 and you see this:

OK, so it's called the Rubbish Bin here. Righty dokey, matey blokey. Let's click it.

LOLWUT.JPG? It now says Wastebasket at the top of the window, and Deleted Items down the left hand side. Here we have three distinct names in place for the same facility of the operating system. This is not good for newbies.

And then, it turns out, it's not good for decade-long Linux geeks like me either. Try to actually find where these Rubbish Bin / Wastebasket / Deleted Items files are actually stored. Go on, whip out the find(1) command and locate them.

But of course, even this doesn't follow any of the three other names in use. The directory is called Trash:

So that's four names being used for exactly the same thing. Somewhere a kitten is crying because of this.

Your comments

Lol. That's funny.

haha I'm using Linux Mint 9 but I never actually use the bin, so I didn't notice, but it's pretty funny actually :D
&Thanks, just received the new lxf! :)

It's okay now...

Well I just checked it out, and for me it says 'Trash' on all places...

Language settings

BTW, this is with GB English settings; it might be different with US English!

I see

Riveting tale chap!!!

English is a living language

Well English is a living language so they are all completing for the job of title for the Rubbish Bucket.

I'm still on Mint 8 because of problem with Audacity, (Pulse Audio again?), so haven't seen it for myself however, it looks like the scheme was inherited from earlier versions and is nothing new.

Oh dear...

That is very un proffesional. Linux in general needs to sharpen up and look like a OS that's not made by iliterate geeks in their bedroom.

And there was me thinking

And there was me thinking Linux Mint was simply an almost stabilised version of Ubuntu with a few useful tools on top. I didn't realise they actually changed stuff like that. This defo doesn't affect Bugbuntu?


Not kind to kittens then..........

I'm waiting for the word........

"SKIP" to appear... ;oD

(Maybe it`s an English/British thing. :)

Same with wallpapers...

If you browse for an image in Nautilus in Mint and right-click on it, you get an option to "set as Wallpaper", but if you open the image, then right-click on it in the image viewer, you get an option "set as desktop Background". Why are there small differences like this. Just simply name the bin Deleted Items (Trash is American, Wastebasket is wrong because files aren't waste and rubbish bin - well files aren't rubbish) and for the background/wallpaper thing, the desktop isn't a wall, but it is in the background. call it background image. Done.

Back to basics

Debian Lenny calls it "Trash" all over....

What did you expect?

I lost all interest in Mint when the lead distro developer committed what I consider a cardinal sin and tried to bring his politics into the Linux world by suggesting if you had a certain opinion regarding a certain area of the world then don't use or contribute to Mint. So I can care less about Mint or its developer. I'll not use it nor knowingly support it. I enjoy the fact that computers have become largely a neutral zone, as much as anything can be. I work with and talk to people on the left, far left, right and far right here in the US and we all get along great because we have one thing in common: Linux.

thats not really everything.

Yes it seems to be Ubuntu's trouble that they have a huge identity crisis and don't know where they belong. And their idea of adding commercial software to the Ubuntu Software Center for 10.10 isn't really that great either in my opinion. I think they are swinging towards being the new Apple

bug report

ubuntu maverick is almost out, and they still haven't fixed it. did you file a bug report? it will probably be ignored, but if you haven't i will.

bug report v.2

never mind, someone has already noticed it, and it should be fixed, according to this:

...And now there's 5!

There is now a fifth name for teh dceleted ITems folder:
Deleted Items,
Rubbish Bin
and, in Mint's Desktop Settings,
Waste Bin


Now, IMHO it should be called Deleted Items, as it doesnt recycle data, were not in the USA so dont use trash, its not a basket (wastebasket), and Waste Bin is just stupid cas we dont put household waste in it.

Perhaps I should fix it, or maybe another Ubuntu/Gnome 100 paper cuts... or a Linux Desktop Paper cuts

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