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wind u100

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So, I was testing the MSI Wind 100u, and I thought I would try installing OpenSuSE (sorry, OpenSUSE) on it, just for kicks. as you would obviously.

It wasn't bad actually. I was rather expecting to have loads of problems, but the only things that didn't work were the Wifi card and the screen. Yes, that sounds bad, but really, the screen was easy to fix by hacking the xorg.conf file for the unusual 1024x600 widescreen mode (SAX2 doesn't like the physical dimensions of the screen).

Wifi is more of a problem. There IS a driver, developed for Linux, apparently by MSI, but you really have to hunt around for it. Links I found by googling seemed to disappear after a few days of being posted. I eventually snatched it from some debian site. However, it does work, and is being actively developed it seems. The only letdown is that it doesn't yet support WPA2, so if you like your access point secure you may have to wait a while. The lesson for MSI here is that, yes, it is good you are helping write the driver, but for goodness sake, try to get some community involvement so it can actually be useful...
The Linux version of the Wind will cost about £50 less apparently, but it isn't clear whether it will be available in Europe. :(

I actually like the wind. 3 hours of battery, a NICE screen, 80GB hard drive, up to 2GB ram. It is a lot pricier than the Eee, but it packs the power of a real laptop, and the keyboard is nicer. so :P

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Have you let Mike have a

Have you let Mike have a play, or do you cruelly dangle it just out of reach? ;)

I think dangling it in front

I think dangling it in front of him is possibly the only way to get any work out of him, donkey, carrot, stick, etc :)
Poor Mike gets it tough in these blogs for some reason, hmmmm! I wonder what it could be?

The Advent 4211 is pretty

The Advent 4211 is pretty much a re-branded wind, down to the detail of actually having MSI stamped all over it.

Bonus being, £280, which is none too shabby considering its £50 less than the wind.

Alex, they're all just

Alex, they're all just testing me. They know that I exercise complete control over this blog, and one day my mighty banhammer will come down so violently that there'll be a crater where this site once lay...


I knew there was some reason

I knew there was some reason for it, I just thought they where jealous of good looks, talent and charm, but hey I don't know you anyway :)

Dear oh dear. First Alex

Dear oh dear. First Alex throws in a gratuitous insult, then wonders why people do this to Mike, then under threat of the hammer, engages suck-up mode. Have the confidence of your convictions old chap, Mike couldn't lift a really big hammer anyway ;)

thanks. joe EDIT BY MOD:




hello Joe. Umm... has

hello Joe. Umm... has someone worked out how to bypass the rather excellent captcha? or is this manual spam?

I don't think Mike even knows what a hammer is, or which end to lift it by. He does have a viciously sharp knife though. Oh, and if you are reading this Andrew, I am still working on Hotpicks. Any minute now, honestly

>> He does have a

>> He does have a viciously sharp knife though.

Mike The Knife, eh?

I should have guessed. ;)

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