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If you've read the blog post below, you'll know that I'm heading off to Weißbier-land. Well, this opens up a new position at Linux Format Towers -- we're looking for a Digital Media Editor. In a nutshell, you'll be the next Me, creating the multi-booting DVD, writing articles for the magazine, helping out with the websites and buying the odd round at the pub.

What skills do you need? Well, we're very proud of our coverdiscs that dual, triple and (even sometimes) quad-boot totally different distros. So you need to know your way around isolinux.cfg (combining multiple boot options into one file) , understand mkisofs, and feel at home breaking apart and repackaging initrds. If you can show us a disc you've made multi-booting different distros, we'd be very interested in talking to you. Outside of the disc, we're looking for someone passionate about Linux, brimming with awesome ideas, who loves to write and share the enthusiasm we have.

If this sounds like you, click here to apply!

Your comments

How hard can it be?

to make a multi boot disc??

a future tutorial maybe? :D

Re: How hard can it be?

It depends on the distros. Multi-booting Fedora with SUSE is different to multi-booting SUSE with Ubuntu which is different to multi-booting Ubuntu with Mandriva etc.

It's impossible to write a one-shot magic tutorial to do this; there are so many combinations!


No one

Right fellows; no one is to put in for the job then Mike has to stay. Okay?



but, I didn't think anyone

but, I didn't think anyone worked at LXF... certainly not Mike

I'm not Apply-ng - but sorry to see you go!

I've read your articles and posts since Issue 96 - so i've been with LinuxFormat for some time. I am sorry to see you go. Like you, I fiddle around with Gamecube, PS2,PS1 and earlier editions of console and computer such as the Atari and ZX80. It was cool back then when you used Mosaic on an early pc and 40meg hard disks where the norm and everything was written to the console! Keep in touch if you can. linuxfanatik

All the best

Been reading LinuxFormat since, 2003? Will miss your input. Thanks for all the articles. Best wishes for the new job. Would have been great to stop by the pub and buy a round for the Linux folks.
A distant US reader.

Multiboot Distro

I made my multi-boot distro with 32 and 64 bit kernel. It's work fine.
In case difference muti-boot distro, I do believe it can be done.

Well, if i know which distro & version in your favorite case. I will make it then inform you ASAP.

One question? Why don't try to make on USB Flash Dive?

Sad to see you go.

Sad to see you go. I really enjoyed the discs, your editorials, and your tutorials. Good luck in your new adventures.

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