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Browser badness

Postby guy » Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:54 pm

Two things currently driving me mental over HTML rendering behaviour. I am re-using page content for things like banners and navboxes. Without relying on active scripting, that just leaves HTML iframes.

If I stack a couple of iframes, say a navbar below a header bar, Firefox insists on leaving a small gap between them. This despite all margin, border and padding settings at zero. What does ff think it is putting in between them?

Worse, on mobile toys the text in the main page is enlarged to make it more readable but the text in the iframes is not. So the page title, a huge 24 pt thing, looks smaller than the 10 pt main text and the navbar unreadable. Pinch-to-zoom expands the whole darn window offscreen so the navbar disappears as it gets bigger.

Is there any cure for all this HTML5 badness?
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