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Next-gen GNU/Linux, what does that even mean? The FOSS world is so unlike the proprietary world. In that closed universe, new releases are considered so important that secrecy becomes paramount. So the next-gen release of Windows becomes so crucial. With FOSS and Linux development everything is laid bare. Sensible folk stick with the stable release but the brave-hearted can jump into an unstable, development branch and compile where angels fear to tread.
This issue we’re looking at those ‘next-gen’ developments, the key technologies that have been in development for the last few years and will become mainstream through 2015. If you’re even brave enough we’ll show you how you can jump onboard with your own build of Ubuntu or Arch and try them live. Neil “Grey Beard” Bothwick is your guide.
But what about today? There’s more than enough going on in the ‘now-gen’ of Linux to keep most people busy until the end of time. As usual there’s a packed issue of Linux Format awaiting you over the page. I’d recommend you take a long look at our Roundup this month on Linux desktop environments, a new desktop is the simplest way of giving your distro a fresh feel or revitalising your work flow.
Besides that we have tutorials looking at creating your own web-based email system, the clever old Dtrace diagnostic system and a tale of intrusion and how you can track down naughty hackers on your system.
There’s a bit of a bumper helping for the programmers out there. We look at how you can take advantage of the Raspberry Pi’s GPU and 3D capabilities; how to run Python on embedded systems; how to use Java to create physics and getting started with the programming language, Erlang.
On top of all that we’ve the usual reviews, news analysis, users groups, interviews and so much more!

Issue 195, March - on sale now

Raspberry Pi 2

The global phenomena that is the Raspberry Pi enters its next phase and is taking Linux with it, not so much kicking and screaming, but more skipping merrily through classrooms, workshops and coding clubs around the world. A charitable venture that was originally envisioned to produce a few thousand Pis has become an educational gateway to Linux for literally millions of new users. Crucially not any old users but a new generation of programmers, developers, system admins, kernel contributors, bug hunters and security experts. All open-eyed and open-minded to the open source way.

Boys and girls as young as seven are coding with Linux. I can't emphasise how vital this is, as it has been noted that the age of developers maintaining crucial elements of the Linux world are ageing. We jokingly call them greybeards, but unless a new generation comes along to maintain those distros the open source world is going to find itself in trouble.

That’s why it’s amazing news an all-new Raspberry Pi is on its way. We’ve got complete in-depth coverage on the Pi, with a report on the launch event. We’ll of course have more coverage over the year, so stick with us or even save yourself some money and subscribe.


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