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In this issue – cue music – Linux users are doing it for themselves. We’re not happy with how our desktops are being built, so we’re going to make one ourselves. It seems a long-standing open source tradition that if you don’t like what you’re given, you can just fork it and do the job yourself. While we’re not going to develop a desktop environment from scratch, we are going to take out our digital digger and look at building our ideal desktop ourselves.

No matter if you love Gnome or KDE, we take a look at how you can use these as the basis of your ideal Linux desktop. But perhaps that’s not going far enough for you? For those real minimalists we’re also going to go one step further and look at how you can create your own custom desktop environment by choosing your own windows manager and building things from there to make the most beautiful desktop that you’ve ever clapped your eyes on.

The DIY approach doesn’t end there. We’re looking at building the ultimate Linux NAS PC, too. Our friends over at Maximum PC US have designed an awesome ‘rig’ as they like to call it (and we’re heading to the North Sea to see if we can hit oil with it this weekend). You can turn your hand to DIY security with more on the Fedora Security Suite and take on Big Data tasks with our guide to gnuplot. We’ve got a full report on the new Raspberry Pi 3: looking at its new wireless and Bluetooth abilities; just how much faster it is; a live report from the official Raspberry Pi Party and to top it off we make a smart R2D2 from a Pi Zero. From self-built desktops to Star Wars (Industrial Light and Magic also use GNU/Linux), don’t let anyone tell you that open source or Linux is boring!

Issue 210, May - on sale now

Hack your Desktop!

It's finally the year of the Linux desktop, why? Because we're going to build the ultimate desktop environment, tailoring every part so it's perfect. From Gnome to KDE we look at how you can get an ideal desktop set up, adding widgets, getting the right look and ensuring it works just how you want it to.

Protect yourself – we delve into the Fedora Security Suite
GNU Plot – the awesome big-data graphing tool
Pi R2D2 – still Star Wars mad? Build a Pi-powered R2D2
Collaborative editing – discover the best ways to share and edit, together, awww
Build a PC – how to configure the most powerful Linux PC ever!
Pi is exactly 4! - we report back from the big birthday bash at Pi HQ


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