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While us Northern hemisphere types pull out the thermal underwear to endure chillier weather and longer nights, we do get the bonus at this time of the year of a whole new Ubuntu distro release to enjoy. Ubuntu 16.10 has hit the internets and brings with it a host of updates, upgrades and Ubuntus.

This issue we’re not going to dwell on the core release – where enhanced support with the Linux kernel 4.8 and the Unity 8 preview are the highlights – instead we’re asking how can you make Ubuntu even better? Install Fedora you cry? Surely not, though Fedora 25 is just around the corner. Our resident experts have given us their tips on how to boost Ubuntu and make it even better.

Talking of winter, in some ways this is our Yuletide issue and if you’re wondering what to get yourself as a present this year take a look at the lovely Chromebooks in our Roundup. Chrome OS and Chromebooks were largely derided when they first appeared, but as they’re currently outselling Apple laptops in the US, no one’s laughing anymore; true, they’re not for everyone, but if an affordable, lower-powered laptop fits your bill they’re a very tempting option. With sales increasing 30% year on year, 2016 will have seen another 10 million hitting the market with more growth to come over 2017.

If you’re more interested in keeping your old PCs up and running then fear not, Linux is not abandoning you just yet. With plans to move Ubuntu away from 32-bit releases (but thankfully not with 16.10), we take a look at how you can keep the lights on and the drives spinning for your older hardware. With Pi tutorials, coding guides and a mass of reviews it’s another packed, fun issue, enjoy!

Issue 218, December - on sale now

Supercharge Ubuntu 16.10!

Bristling with new features we show you how to get more from your Ubuntu 16.10 install by supercharging the distro beyond recognition. We pick the best Chromebook of 2016, explain how to keep your old hardware running, look at Automotive Grade Linux and have tons of exciting tutorials!


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