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Adding categories to a page

Mark a page like this:

 [[Category:LXF Wiki]]

and look at the grey bar at the bottom of the page. See, it says Categories: Help | LXF Wiki. Click the LXF Wiki link and presto! a page full of links to other pages in the LXF Wiki category. Fantastico!

Which category to choose?

Check out Special:Categories. This lists all the categories that have been created to date. If you think you need a new one, just add a link in your page to the new one. When you click the new (red) link, it will give you a page with an Edit tab so you can create the Category. Type in a few words of explanation, and Save page.

Naming Categories and pages

Page names are usually in the singular, say Console. This is because a user might be asking, "What is a 'console'"? (For more about naming pages, including exceptions to the rule, see TBD).

Category names are usually in the plural, as in. This is because the category page provides a list of consoles (and related pages).