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A stub is a Wiki page which is very incomplete. It needs someone to come and add stuff to it.

Table of contents

Identifying a stub

If you stumble on a very incomplete page and you are not up to filling it out, please mark it as a stub, to help someone else find and improve it. Edit it and add the following tag:


This adds the following text to the page:

This Linux-related article is a stub. You can help LXFWiki by expanding it (http://www.linuxformat.com/wiki/index.php?title=LXFWiki:Stub&action=edit).

Finding and fixing stubs

This is something useful you can do.

List of stubs

To see the list of pages on LXF Wiki that people have marked as stubs, go to Category:Stubs.

Fixing stubs

Once you have found a stub on a topic you know something about, you are encouraged to edit the page and add the missing information.

Once the page is reasonably sensible, you can remove the {{stub}} tag.