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If you have any questions, please add them below and someone else will try to answer them for you.

Table of contents

How do I edit pages?

First, create an account. Then, look for the Edit tab at the top of a page you want to edit - easy! This page contains links to empty wiki pages for each PDF - type your conversion into those pages. When you're done and your article has been reviewed by other people, we will rename the wiki page to something more meaningful. Please don't rename the article yourself!

What's the best way to get the text from the PDF?

We'd recommend using a good PDF reader such as KPDF, Evince or XPDF - all of these have text selection tools so that you can copy and paste from the PDF into a text file, add wiki markup, then paste it into the wiki. Be careful of using "Select All" for the text: our articles are written in columns, so you need to ensure the text flow is preserved correctly!

What do I do with pictures?

If an article requires images, please feel free to upload your own - please be sure to match the original as best you can! Look for the Upload File link in the Toolbox on the left of this page. One problem here is that the PDFs we've uploaded are in low-res format to keep them small, so the pictures are a bit blurry. If you want to upload your own picture, read through the text and the picture captions to help you figure out what the picture should be, then take your own screenshot.

What if I can't upload a good picture?

Leave a mark in the text where the picture should go, then insert this wiki tag somewhere in the page: [[Category:NeedsImage]] - that will ensure all articles with missing pictures are flagged up, and other people can retake the pictures for you.

How should I deal with boxouts?

These should be preserved as boxes inside the wiki page, preferably inserted roughly where they were in the original article. See the article Build_your_own_distro for examples of how to treat these boxes.

What should I do with code or command-line stuff?

Mark it all in <pre></pre> tags so that it stands out. Again, see Build_your_own_distro for examples.

How can I learn wiki formatting?

There are three ways:

  1. Look at another article. This not only shows you how to use wiki tags, but also shows you the formatting style we use, which will ensure your formatting is the same as other articles so that everyone looks nice and consistent.
  2. Use the buttons above the editing area. This can insert common things for you, such as bold and italic.
  3. Read this introduction to wiki use ( to get up to speed on common tags and etiquette.

I have a question that isn't answered here. What can I do?

Edit this page and add your question to the bottom of this list - someone else will answer it soon.

When formatting code (inside
tags) how do I include formatting (such as indents)?

(Using colons does not work inside these tags) --Thechemist 22:15, 27 May 2008 (BST)