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At the time of writing, in the 297th croard of the third centenarium of Dilboab the Magnificat, little can truly be said to be "current".

The third planet of the Star Nobody Can Ever Find is getting a bit hot under the collar. Apparently its inhabitants like rising sea levels and collapsing ecosystems.

Midiriias the Morbid lost another of her arms last Trelfall and is still moaning about it. That's why all of us on Skaratot are wearing black hats and dark glasses: guy.gif She does get a bit bright when she's in a mood.

Ah! Instant ecstasy! My copy of Linux Format has just arrived through the hypermail portal with a dull "Thonk!" Now, where's my flamethrower — c'm 'ere you little ....

LXF Wiki activity

  • Some hopeful laddie is categorising all the pages on this Wiki in the hope that somebody will be found somewhere who actually finds it useful someday. He's done A to G so far.
  • The Help pages are beginning to take shape. Mmm, nice.