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Because we have no control over what content may be contained in this site at any one time, It may contain offensive material. Parents may wish to monitor or control access to this area, in much the same way as it is appropriate to monitor the use of newsgroups. Linux Format and Future Publishing cannot accept any responsibility for the content of this Wiki.

Please see the LXFWikiGuidelines for info on what is considered acceptable content.

At the moment, all material submitted to this site will be done so on the basis of assigning copyright to Future Publishing. This is so we can continue to maintain the site, and distribute the content, e.g. on our CD.

Unauthorised reproduction of the material is not permitted. You may link to material here, but it may not be copied. Large portions of the work available on the site may well be covered by other agreements with the original author. Future Publishing has the right to use them on the site, but can't grant this right to anyone else. Please contact us if you wish to reproduce material.