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 +<h1>Current project</h1>
 +* '''[[The Answers Archive]]''' - converting solutions from the Answers section of the magazine
<h1>Featured articles</h1> <h1>Featured articles</h1>

Current revision

Welcome to the LXF Wiki Area

This site is intended to be a useful information resource for all visitors, created and maintained in co-operation with the community. The beauty of the Wiki is that you can edit it yourself. To edit or create pages, you'll need to register a username -- it only takes a few seconds. This front page is protected; if there is something you wish to change, email See this page for copyright information.

Current project

Featured articles

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  • Build your own distro - a complete guide to the tips and techniques for creating your own custom Linux flavour! Help to keep it up-to-date with your own methods ands ideas. Using the popular Knoppix Live distro, we show you how to open up its contents, change the default software selection, and customise the theme.

Community Conversion Project

Want to help convert Linux Format PDFs into wiki text? Visit the LXF Community Conversion Project page for more information!

Popular articles


  • LXF HOWTOs - Walkthroughs written by the community
  • Linux Glossary - A list of terms and software with brief explanations


Linux distros

CentOS | Debian | Frugalware | Gentoo | Knoppix | Mandriva | Red Hat | SUSE | Slackware | Ubuntu

New to Linux?

  • What is Linux? - A friendly FAQ outlining the history of Linux, and what it can do for you
  • Distros - What is a distro, and what's the difference between them?
  • Recommended Reading - Links to newbie-friendly information where you can find out more.
  • Linux and Games - Information about games running in Linux
  • Hardware - Hardware that works with Linux
  • Software - How to get software and how to use it
  • LXF HOWTOs - Guides on using Linux

  • NewbieZone - Visit our newbie zone for more information!

Featured tutorials

Beginner's guides

Using the shell

Mastering Gimp


Set up a VoIP phone system

Programming with Mono and C#

Fixing problems

Perl programming

Using Subversion

Coding with PHP


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