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Welcome to the LXF Wiki Area
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* [[BugWiki]] - Check on work in progress, report bugs etc. * [[BugWiki]] - Check on work in progress, report bugs etc.
-* [[WantedPages]] - Automated list of pages which are linked to but don't exist (yet). 

Revision as of 11:48, 25 Aug 2005

Welcome to the LXF Wiki Area

This site is intended to be a useful information resource for all visitors, created and maintained in co-operation with the community. The beauty of Wiki is that you can edit it yourself, not just rely on poor old lxfadmin to add the information.

Although no doubt this site will grow organically with all sorts of information, we would like to keep it Linux specific. There are also a number of 'projects' we would like to house here to begin with:

  • Linux on Laptops - information about running Linux on your laptop, with details of which popular laptops work with Linux, and a few tutorials.
  • Linux Glossary - A list of terms, software etc with brief explanations
  • LXF HOWTOs - Tutorials on all aspects of using Linux
  • NewbieZone - guides and FAQs specifically for Linux Newbies
  • Linux Format - about the magazine
  • BugWiki - Check on work in progress, report bugs etc.

Initially, this is just a trial. Wiki sites can be very powerful and useful, but because users how the ability to create and modify them, they can succomb to misuse. Linux Format cannot accept any responsibility for the material on this site. If you spot something you find offensive, libellous or otherwise illegal, you can either edit it yourself and/or contact the admin Only users registered on the main Linux Format site will be able to edit pages.


Because we have no control over what content may be contained in this site at any one time, It may contain offensive material. Parents may wish to monitor or control access to this area, in much the same way as it is appropriate to monitor the use of newsgroups.

Please see the LXFWikiGuidelines for info on what is considered acceptable content

See the Wiki Info page for more info about this implementation of Wiki and how to create and edit pages.