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When you first write for us, you must first sign a contract that our rights department will send out to you. You can also choose your preferred currency of payment. We'll then enter your details on to our database; please keep us informed of any changes of address or telephone number.

We'll then send you a commission for the work. Keep the formal commission safe, as you'll need the purchase order number that comes with it when you invoice us.

On this wiki you will find templates for most types of article, but you will sometimes have to adapt these to suit your purposes. Check your commission if you're not sure.

Send all material by email to the person who commissioned you.

We can't accept anything over 1.5MB via email. In that case, please use Future's ftp2 site instead (, and email the person who commissioned you when you have done so with details of its location.

Make sure you keep copies of any material sent until after the piece has been published.

The deadline set is the final date that we expect your copy to arrive. Email or telephone (01225 442244) if you know you are not going to meet the deadline.

Always read your commissions and templates, but as a rule of thumb, the elements that make up a completed piece are:

Thank you!

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