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Each year we proclaim it’s time to learn how to hack. But why? Jonni always gets angry at the subversion of the term ‘hacking’ and I can understand why. Hacking is fun, as is finding out how systems work and how to get them to do things they were never meant to do.

With open source and the Linux ecosystem there’s an abundance of hacking fun to be had, and it’s no wonder all the key tools for learning how to hack – and actually hack – are developed and run out of Linux systems.

For this year’s look at the world of hacking Jonni’s introducing you to the metasploit framework. This is a playground where you can learn, explore and develop hacking skills. It’s usually paired with Kali Linux, and we’re putting these on the Linux Format DVD, which makes a welcome return.

The cybersecurity market worldwide was estimated to be worth around $170 billion in 2020. By the time 2030 rolls round it’ll more than double in size to reach almost $400 billion. That’s a sizeable market and demonstrates the value of white-hat hacking knowledge in a world that’s become increasingly dependent on digitally stored information. So if general betterment of your personal knowledge isn’t enough, there’s a wide range of potential jobs and work out there for talented hackers!

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Issue 270, December - on sale now

Hackers Manual 2020

Defensive digital security is a worldwide, multibillion pound industry and largely has been built up, developed and runs on the back of open source and Linux software. So arm yourself with the tools and the hacking knowledge to defend your systems and train yourself as a white-hat hacker!

PLUS: Hacking distro Roundup, open source audiobooks, Atari ST emulation, get better RAW photos, build a Gaming PC, build an embedded system, build the RasPad 3, the best Ubuntu tools and more!