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HotPicks is one of, if not the most popular section of Linux Format and while the reader survey tells me that, I don’t actually understand why! My gut feeling is that people love the choice, variety and freedom HotPicks delivers every issue. I guess the truth is the sheer variety of open source means it can be hard to discover the best tools for the job and HotPicks offers a way to discover the best each issue… so say hello to our HotPicks Special!

It’s a guide to this vast open source world and isn’t that what this magazine is here for? So we’re running a best open source software list
 for 2019. We’ve not done anything like this for over two years, so it’s more than time we help people discover new software that’s just waiting for an
 apt install to download. The availability of open source is a curse and blessing. It makes some see it as free of value while the sheer abundance makes it hard for others to cut through the noise and get to the tools they need.

In the past, accessing the latest software involved compiling source code, but these days systems like Snaps and Flatpaks make it straightforward for anyone to grab the latest builds of their favourite programs. This is making software more accessible and better for everyone, which can only be a good thing.

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Issue 246, February - on sale now

The Ultimate Linux Toolkit

Tuck in to our delicious smorgasbord of open source software treats! We reveal the top 100 tools in our Ultimate Linux Toolkit, as we run a Hotpicks Special. Our experts have hand-picked the best trending tools, helping you discover handy tools that are essential in every aspect of your Linux life.

If that’s not enough to keep you busy, we Roundup Arch distros, optimise our Pi projects, build a jukebox, explore Scribus for covers, email from Emacs, create a bootable USB drive, build static websites with Middleman and loads more!


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