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The biggest version number?

There's a lot of talk about Firefox's ever-increasing version number, and it made me wonder: what piece of software has the biggest version number of all? A brief scan of my Xubuntu 11.04 box suggests than XTerm, at version 268, has the lead, although I'm sure there's something bigger out there. And in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter - how good the software is, and for how long it is supported, is a bigger issue.

Incidentally, does anyone else find Google's "corrections" kick in far too often? Like just now, I searched for Linux biggest version number. On the results page it said: "Showing results for linux best version number". Huh? I can understand replacing "teh" with "the", and similar typo fixes, but it was pretty clear what I intended to type here!

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Maxima vs Macsyma


Maxima don't have the biggest version number but probably is the oldest piece of software I use. Its version number is just 5.25.1.

Maxima <> is a computer algebra system that is based on Macsyma <>. The development of Macsyma started on 1968. It's as old as me! Now the development continues as Free software.


Here's a 'You Dare Us' challenge

Make the lowly unloved 'teh' typo into a proper word. So give it a standard pronunciation and think of an object/concept/whatever that it can be used to represent.

Microsoft Office is on

Microsoft Office is on version 2010. ;)

less is (having a version number that is) more

On my Debian squeeze machine, the version number of 'less' is 436.

In the beellions...

Chess Maniac Five Billion and One is my all-time favourite.

Google @ 10^100

Google @ 10^100

Stupid version numbers

How about windows 2000? Hey you didn't say it had to make sense.