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Brain Party 0.2

It's been quite a while in the making, but I'm pleased to announce Brain Party 0.2. If you have no idea what Brain Party is, let me briefly summarise: it's a collection of minigames that tests your thinking, memory, reactions and more. All the games are accessible through the Practise screen, but we are working on adding a world to walk through (it's under the Play screen). New features in this release:

- 10 all-new minigames! (plus a dozen improved games)
- Single-player map activated (but still wholly under construction - don't expect much!)
- Bonus round to win more playing time
- Music!
- Predictable bug fixes

Graham is also working on adding some sounds to the game - I've heard the first samples, and he's done a great job. To make your life easier, there is a prebuilt tar.bz2 file on Sourceforge (just extract it and run "mono brainparty.exe"), as well as a Windows Installer if you're stuck on Windows.

The single-player option (clicking "Play" on the menu) is just for developer testing - it really does barely work. So please, if you want to take a look at where Brain Party is headed, click the "Practise" button on the menu.

All set to test? Great! All the downloads are available on SourceForge, along with instructions for how to get the source code for yourself. You can find install instructions for Ubuntu here.


Your comments

45 Megs are "mini-games"?!

45 Megs are "mini-games"?! Paul, let's get real.

That's 45MB for over 50

That's 45MB for over 50 mini-games -- less than a meg each, on average. And bear in mind that this is only a 0.2 release; there are many images and sound files which can and will be optimised.


Actually, in this release we

Actually, in this release we jumped from having 8MB of media files to having 45MB of media files by adding music. That's going to go up by another 2MB or so once sound effects are added. As Mike said, there are now 60 minigames in this release, each of which has its own selection of graphics and the like, so I really don't think 45MB is bad. There's a reason that most games ship on DVDs nowadays, and that reason isn't bloated code!

If you want it, I guess there's no reason I couldn't produce a no-music build that would bring the total package size down under 10MB.

I was reading this blog on a

I was reading this blog on a Windows machine so I downloaded the windows installer just to give it a whirl.

Unfortunately, after installing it twice, it has 'failed to initialize' on every try. This is on a 2.6ghz celeron with 1gb of ram running winXP sp2. Full error message: The application failed to initialize properly ( memory address ). Click OK to terminate the application.

It was nice to see the GPL instead of the usual evil EULA when I installed, though.

Er. D'oh! I've no idea how

Er. D'oh! I've no idea how to even begin to debug that. I'll see if I can knock up a special binary tomorrow - if you'd be willing to test it for me, that'd be very helpful!

Yeah, no problem. Anyway,

Yeah, no problem.

Anyway, you've piqued my interest now, I want to find out what it's like to have a party in my brain!

Harro! Thanks for agreeing


Thanks for agreeing to test this. I have uploaded a debug binary to - copy that into the same place as you installed Brain Party. To run it, start up a command line (Start > Run > cmd) then browse to where Brain Party is installed (cd "c:\program files\brain party" should do it) and run brainparty.exe. It should spit out a load of error messages - if you could let me know what they are that'd be very helpful! My email address is

Work is underway towards v0.3. I've trimmed about 10MB from the music, but Graham's sounds adds 1.5MB so the total saving is only about 8.5MB. Still not bad, though...

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