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I’m currently renovating a house – largely by myself – which is fun. I get to play with lots of different tools, work with wood, plaster a wall, do a bit of soldering, break a few things, fix a few things and get a sense of achievement when a room finally doesn’t look like it’s come straight out of Fallout 3.

Now, I’m often wrong (just ask Jonni) but I get the feeling open source and Linux people like doing things for themselves. It’s a big part of why many people have fallen in love with the Raspberry Pi; even the term physical computing has an appeal to the hands on approach.

It’s been over a year since our last blow-out Pi projects bonazzar, so with the Raspberry Pi 4 well out of the stable, potentially a fresh batch of new Pi owners floating around, we thought it was time to update our favourite Pi projects for 2020.

From software-only projects to entire robot builds we have a look at builds that’ll keep you happy and out of the winter cold (for you northern hemisphere types).

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