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I’ve been in the Linux Format hotseat for five years and it’s frankly been a wonderful, enjoyable whirlwind of a time. It’s only fair to say I entered the dingy LXF Towers as something of a Linux novice and it’s been nothing but a joy to embrace and discover the GPL’d world of the Kernel.

Doing some distro hopping from Mageia to Fedora and Ubuntu, tussling with fun Nvidia proprietary drivers, rediscovering compiling programs from source, running through some LPIC and Linux Foundation sysadmin courses, constantly scratching my head at Mihalis’ coding tutorials, and meeting and chatting with readers, contributors and all manner of open source enthusiasts; there’s never been a dull moment, especially so, as the Linux kernel and its ecosystem is always evolving.

A recent core movement has been greatly helped by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Makers around the globe had been tinkering more and more with open hardware – with the Arduino for one – as the price and complexity fell. The Raspberry Pi was the icing on the home-made cake, with all the abundant resources the Foundation brought with it. This issue we’re celebrating maker culture and helping all the many people that we expect will be wondering what to do with their new toys after Christmas. So jump on board and join the maker revolution and build something fun, something shared and something open source!

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