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The internet joke is: I’ve installed Kali, now I’m Hackerman! Just having the tools doesn’t mean you’re an instant expert, but at least it’s a first step…

This issue we’re taking our regular look into the world of hacking and we’re backing it up with Kali Linux on the disc alongside an in-depth look at the core tools you’ll need. We’re not promising to turn you into an expert (white-hat) hacker overnight, but we can at least set you off on the right path.

We’re also keen to get you started with Linux, if you’re not already using it. With this in mind, on the DVD we’ve put the latest release of the cool Feren OS. Based on the popular Mint, it has a classic-styled desktop that everyone will love. As it comes with Wine baked in, people moving from Windows can still hold on to their favourite programs and games. Of course, we’d suggest people hunt out open source alternatives – of which there are plenty – once they’re happily up and running.

Something that comes up in this month’s interview is open data, a kindred spirit for open source. Specifically, we look into a project analysing classic crime data to reveal patterns missed by humans, which is leading to prosecutions and solving cases that have laid dormant at the back of a filing cabinet for decades, in some cases.

It’s this bazaar of topics that makes Linux and open source so constantly interesting. We’re not sure there are many other magazines that could have solving crimes, hacking systems, learning to get started, building honeypots, retro gaming consoles, ebook publishing, system administration and coding all sat naturally together! It’s been a fun issue to put together, so enjoy!

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